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I had a bad loan which was a intrest only loan and when I found out I called them to modify the loan because I lived in my house for 11 years and had payed Provident Funding 170,000 in intrest only nothing towards my mortage and they came back with a modification of having to pay them 24,000 dollars over the next 6 months and them they would think about modifiing it. I have hired a lwayer who goes after banks that give bad loans like mine which is a intrestt only loan buy law they have to modifiy my loan.

Everyone I talk to were *** bags when I told them what my mortage was 2650 a month and interset only they didnt care and said thats not bad I'd like to see them pay that. So my advice to anyone out there if you are having problems with providence don't give up hirer a lawyer because Providence in know to be *** bags.

Review about: Provident Funding Mortgage Modification.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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