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I have had a mortgage with this so called company for about 5 months and what a pain in the *** they are. Most recently I have been trying to arrange for a roof inspection against an insurance claim.

They have held back a considerable sum of money subject to THEIR OWN INSPECTION which I have to pay for. They will not accept the county/ government's inspection - how convenient.

They have been non-responsive and when you try to call them you are placed on hold forever - it puts me in a rage. Avoid this company if you can - they really suck!!!!!

Review about: Provident Funding Mortgage.

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The WORST!!! They are liars and are committing fraud on a daily basis.

They held my check , pretending not to get it for 2 weeks...then made my pay online....5 min. Later, the check magically got cashed!!

They have wiped out my bank account, and won't return second payment. I filed a complaint with the office of consumer finance.

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