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I am still trying to get my loan funded. They have been stalling now for almost 9 days.

They are hung up on verification of employment. They have employees that have no common sense. They claim their company policy does not allow them to use the 800 number provided by our Human resources department claiming it is not live data. I know for a fact our company sends a daily file to them.

They are intent on using Google to find a number to call my company and then ask someone to find my number internally and forward them to me. Our company does not have a central company operator. A number is identified by google, but is it the non working number that appears so that we can protect our employees from unwanted soliciting. My wife and I have called the so called Funder from Provident from our place of employment, but he wil not budge from their policy.

These people have brains. We have provided our most recent paystubs......My wife and I have been working at the same employer for almost 22 years. What are they trying to prove by this outright form of harrassment.

I thing they are stalling to try and get out of the loan...there is no other logical explanation for this. I am ready to walk away and sue them for my wasted time and delay in getting my loan.

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The Loan finally funded in January. I still recommend staying away from them.

Although it was finally completed, I just about lost my mind through the process.

They are overboard in their nitpicking. The questions they ask have no bearing on financial risk.


Totally agree about robotic, scripted employees. We have been with them for 15 years.

Had tough times with job loss. They did not care and sent foreclosure papers via the Sheriff's office. We were by the grace of God able to borrow from a savings plan and did not lose the house. The people there are rude and cold and do not care about your situation.

I would NEVER recommend financing with Provident. They did us a "favor" and set up a repayment plan and our payment went up 350 per month for the next 12 months.

Hello.......if I was having issues with the prior payment why the *** do they think I can pay 350.00 more!!! STAY AWAY!!


Yesterday I realized dealing with Providence was a complete waste of time. I've been trying to refinance for 3 months.

We have all the qualifications necessary to get approved but it keeps getting delayed do to more questions and document requests! They completely drove me insane and are bad news! Stay away from them!

They have great interest rates but what good is it if they make a refinance impossible!? Their employees are complete idiots and have lost my business!!!!


We have tried giving them all kinds of numbers. they are hung up on this google listing and won't vary from their Script.

It is more than this. They have and continue to stall and ask for things everytime you provide them with something they request. I have no problem with verifying my employment.

They just don't have any common sense. I agree we are paying for past issues in today's market, but 2 weeks to verify my employment is beyond reasonable!


Most banks require a verbal verification from a live person prior to lending out their money to people. Otherwise, how are they going to know we are still actively employed when it comes time to lend us some money?

I refi'd with Quicken a few months ago and ran into the same thing so not just a Provident requirement, try most banks on that one. Blame falls to the mortgage companies and corrupt brokers from the early to mid 2000's for the strict requirements we have to go through now just to get a mortgage.

On a side note though, give them a legitimate number to call someone at your company by instead of screwing yourselves out of a mortgage and not helping them out. If a verbal VOE is what they need to finish your loan then get them someone's number if they're struggling to find one. Paystubs are cool for showing how much is made but if you're out a job right before the loan's given to you, of course they'll want to know.

Peace. -Alec

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