I won't go into the thousands of details and examples of how Provident Funding has hurt our business, I will simply start off by saying 'Do Not Do Business With Provident Funding' as a Broker, Lender, or Consumer.

They are by far the worst company I have ever dealt with in this industry. They promise low rates and pricing, which they have--if you can survive the constant browbeating they dish out.

Provident has cost me repeat business by unhappy clients, Realtors, and Closing Attorneys. Even though the customer may have gotten the BEST pricing/rate out there, they are still not happy.

Their 'pricing' can most closely be described as an addiction. I can promise you that their pricing IS NOT worth it. I would rather be jobless than have to work with them ever again. Now that we are not working with them, our business has increased, along with our customer satisfaction, and our own mental well-being. At first we thought that we would lose clients because we didn't have the 'Lowest Rates'. I can best describe it as getting a 'deal' on a wrecked & repaired car. Sure it is cheaper than the same exact model year in much better condition, and it may deceivingly look the same, but there are MANY hidden gremlins that will put you MUCH worse off.

Provident Funding is a cancer of the Mortgage Industry, and all one needs to do is do an internet search of reviews.


You have been warned.

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