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My mortgage was sold to Provident Funding. I had automated payment set up and working fine with my previous mortgage-holder, but when setting things up at Provident, I fat-fingered my bank account. I thought I had things fixed, but their site is very confusing and I updated the wrong area. So I’ve now got $75 in fees racked up, and after multiple conversations and emails, Provident could care less. Customer service? NOT! They will not refund any... Read more

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Provident is THE most difficult lender I've ever worked with. IF rates change they pile on conditions, won't clear conditions and run the time for the locked rate out so the client receives a higher rate. AFTER all the work IF you do close and you're the broker you could wait up to 2 WEEKS or LONGER to get paid. Provident uses the same tactics not to pay the brokers as they do to strip the client of the locked rate! TELL your client, IF you... Read more

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Please dont get involve their bad news these people are trying to used my debit card and opening another checking account which i wassnt aware of call the bank and also put a block on my debit card

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These ***holes prey on the elderly people. I was "approved" for a loan for $5000.00 but before I could recieve it I needed to verify my bank account. They deposited $403.00 to test my account, then needed to withdrawl $400 & load it onto a prepaid card & then my funds would be deposited within 15 minutes. Then someone showed up at my bank with all my information pretending to be me now once I told them I was getting the police involved,... Read more

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they were going to give me a loan of 2000 dollars and deposited funds into my account but never did, when my bank found they deposited 700 dollars the sent off a fraud alert, they deposited money they took from someone elses account and now my account is frozen under investigation. they don't don't even speak english well enough to understand them. rude and sarcastices pieces of foreign ***. I kept calling back and they would answer and *** me. ... Read more

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My mortgage was given over to this company. Ever since they had control of my mortgage the come up with a reason to change my payment due. I send that amount in and they refuse it because the changed the amount by a few dollars for unknown reasons then charge a late fee. The are crooked and thrives. Trying to refi to get rid of them!!!

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I have been told for four days now that i was approved for my loan and everyday they tell my money will be in my account and i have yet to recieve my loan i dont understand why they are not submitting my money every time i call they say it will be there in a hour then they say two hours then they say at midnight then i have to go thru it again the next day

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paid for appraisal $515.00 and $45.00 credit. I did warn the broker that if they change the GFE I will not sign the closing papers, from the beginning. The broker (Tom Lehman)from First National Financing lay along with Provident Funding that increased the settlement charges with $550.00 claiming that Provident Funding just wants to make sure that they have enough funds in escrow account. I had all papers done a week before rate lock expiration... Read more

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I have a mortgage with Provident Funding. I got a letter the other day from my insurance company stating my homeowners insurance had not been paid by my escrow account with Provident and that I needed to make a payment or my insurance would be cancelled. I paid the amount from my personal funds to ensure my insurance was not cancelled. Upon notifying Provident of their error, they informed me they had paid the wrong insurance account and then... Read more

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I've taken out a mortgage to finance a new home, and Provident's unprofessional conduct almost left me on the street. Even though I was way-above prime as a borrower, they tore apart my finances as if I was a convicted criminal. They conducted this very slowly, in a way that stretched things to the last possible minute (so until the very last day, I couldn't be sure I'd get approved). They also came up with ridiculous stuff, like deciding to... Read more

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